Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold–Just Right


When we think of a cup of coffee many things come to mind. Is it rich and dark, or light with crème added. Coffee can be bitter, nutty, or sweet, depending on the regions where the beans are grown and any flavor additives combined in the blend. One thing for certain that folks are particular about–and that’s about their opinion concerning the perfect temperature for coffee.

Coffee can’t be too hot, or else it may scald, as in the case of the women who received burns from an overheated cup of coffee with the lid not properly secured. It should be cool enough not to burn your lips, but warm enough to satisfy.

There is another type of coffee, quite popular in the south year round, and popular all over during the warm weather months, and that’s iced coffee. The perfect temperature for coffee of that kind is iced cold, whether poured from a refrigerated pitcher or serviced on the rocks.